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collection program, end quote. nsa officials said the agency's activities were lawful and any mistakes were largely
together. >>> now the latest on the nsa and its surveillance programs. glenn greenwald dropped another revelation on the nsa ability to spy on millions of people. according to a reporter, the agency uses a program called x keyscore which gives analysts access to megadata. the nsa claims this program is its widest reaching television system. the program collects activity. e-mails, browser history can be searched by name, or keyword. this is critical for protecting america. internal documents say 300 terrorists were captured using information from x-keyscore. greenwald spoke about the program last night on msnbc. >> there's no oversight on these analysts, they click the clickdown menu. we think he's foreign, we think he works for a foreign government. they're often running with extremely evasive surveillance. >> meanwhile. both sides are questioning the nsa programs. patrick leahy lead the committee hearing said he's seen a list of terror events. but was not convinced the nsa tactics are effective. later today president obama intends to meet with congress to discuss programs as fell as t
security guards. >>> the nsa is under fire yet again. newly released government documents show the secretive court that oversees surveillance programs sharply rebuked the nsa back in 2011. the charge? the nsa was searching the kepts of internet communications in breach of the u.s. constitution. the nsa also collected as much as 56,000 e-mailed communications while it was trying to track foreign terrorists. the court criticized the agency for misrepresenting the scale of its spying practices. judge john bates wrote, quote, this court is troubled that the government's revelations marks the third instance in less than three years in which the government has disclosed a substantial misrepresentation regarding the scope of a major collection program, end quote. nsa officials said the agency's activities were lawful and any mistakes were largely unintentional. >>> talk about some material. more tapes from the height of the water gate scandal have been released. pete williams has more on the newly released tapes including a phone call from a supporter who would one day become presiden
the country's equivalent to the nsa. he described how officials destroyed hard drives in the basement of the guardian's office which contained information related to edward snowden's nsa leaks. he received warnings to stop reporting on the government surveillance programs as far as two months ago with officials telling him, quote, you've had your fun, now we want the stuff back, end quote. meanwhile guardian journalist glenn greenwald responding to his partner's nine hour detainment at heathrow airport vowing to get more aggressive in his focus on british surveillance programming adding that authorities will, quote, regret what they did. tough talk. >>> a republican governor reportedly making a pretty shocking claim about president obama. the portland press herald is reporting maine governor paul lepage said the president hates white people and would be more successful if he erased his by racial heritage. it cites two sources. an adviser close to the governor says it is far fetched to make an insinuation lepage is a racist, but back in 2010, he remarked in a republican forum that he w
of anxiety across the streets of cairo and the country. >> ayman mohyeldin from cairo. thank you. >>> the nsa's classified spying programs are a little less secret today with new revelations about the thousands of times the privacy rules were broken involving unauthorized surveillance of american sizs. a "washington post" review of the documents provided by edward snowden details a wide array of incidents where they violated the legal authority. some involved computer or training efforts while another involves the violation of a court order that led to the unauthorized use of data of thousands of americans. so in one specific case, the secret surveillance court that oversees the nsa only learned about a new collection method after it had been operating for months. in another example, a programming error led to a collection of calls placed from washington, d.c. after mixing up the number with egypt's international dialing code which is 2-0. another operation mixed together american and foreign e-mails. agents were also directed to remove certain details in their reports to the justice departme
more from the awesomest well speech on record. and if the nsa stored the information it gathers, it would probably be the side of texas. yes, new info on just how much internet traffic they actually collect. hint, it's a lot. we also know more this morning on who is behind that school shooting in georgia and why he wanted a local news crew on the scene. thankfully we can tell you no one was hurt. this is "way too early". good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, august 21. an a. absolute of great stuff in the world of baseball. we'll have it for you in supports. a dramatic walk to some walkoffs. and in the cooler, yes, hasselhoff makes his first appearance in the post-willie geist era and conspiracy surrounding the double stuffed oreo. but we begin with serious news, revelations about the nsa surveillance programs. the agency has the ability to monitor up to 75% of all u.s. internet traffic. i mean, that is just incredible. 75% of my traffic to steal a joke from one of our producers is a lot. imagine that from the entire country. it can retain written content in e-mails and filte
is proposing to revise section 215 of the patriot act, which explains how nsa can collect telephone data. they want to introduce a civil liberties and privacy advocate to the process, declassify more nsa and fisa court documents and appoint a new group of outside experts to review intelligence. it's receiving criticism from lawmakers who believe a privacy advocate will slow down the country's anti-terror tactics. president obama and senator john mccain, has talked about how snowden has changed intelligence. >> i called for a thorough review of our surveillance operations. before mr. snowden made he's leaks. i don't think we would have gotten to the same place. and we would have done so without putting at risk, our national security. and vital ways to secure the country. there's americans that view mr. snowden as awhistleblower. there's some young people that believe he's some kind of jason bourne. >>> relations between the united states and russia are strained at best. and it goes all the way to the highest levels of government. president obama insists he doesn't dislike vladimir putin.
to the united states. >>> according to reports in a german magazine, the nsa has been spying on more than 80 embassies stlu out the world. the government agency has also seek readily monitored the united nation's new york headquarters by hacking into the video conferencing system. according to the magazine this is part of an initiative called special clerks service. now members of congress are speaking out. senator bob corker says even congress is being left in the dark about these programs. >> the american people want to know that those of us who are elected, eliot and i, understand fully what's happening here. i don't think we do. i would imagine there are even members of the intelligence committee themselves that don't fully understand the gamut of things taking place. >>> nsa officials have maintained all surveillance programs have operated within the confines of the law. >>> of course this weekend marked the 50th anniversary of martin luther king, junior's march on washington. tens of thousands from across the country gathered at the national mall on saturday. yesterday former secretary
snowden's nsa leaks. late yesterday, the partner of glenn greenwaddle, the guardian reporter who broke the snowden story. his partner was detained for nine hours at heathrow. they detained him under antiterrorism legislation. hold and question people for possible ties for terrorism. greenwald expressed his outrage -- it's a total abuse of the law. this is only a serious, radical escalation of what they are doing. he's my partner, he's not even a journalist. >> a spokesman for the british foreign ministry said that the episode was quote a police matter and would not provide any further comment. >>> the recall effort against san diego mayor bob filner has become in earnest. filner has been accused by at least 16 women by unwanted sexual advances. now trying to get him out of office has a month to get 197,000 signatures. they took events across the city to get out the message. despite his admitting his behavior was quote wrong early on he has resisted calls to leave the office. city officials could also try to remove him by investigating by whether he misused his city-issued credit cart.
continues over edward snowden's temporary refugee status. even though vladimir putin says the nsa leaker is too small to jeopardize his country's relationship with the u.s., already the white house is re-evaluating an upcoming summit between the two presidents just weeks away. others use more direct terms. >> the relationship between the united states and russia, for instance, is more poisonous than at any time since the cold war because of all of this. president putin is behaving like a school yard bully. in my experience, i've learned unless you stand up to that bully, they ask for more and more and more and he's always going out of his way, president putin is, to seem to poke us in the eye, whether it's in iran, in syria, now with snowden. >>> in iran there's a new leader but a whole bunch of longstanding problems in that country. yesterday hasan rue hani was elected. white house press secretary jay carney congratulated the iranian people saying it presents an opportunity for iran to act quickly to resolve the international community's deep concerns over the nuclear program. just last
and even touched on the nsa's controversial intelligence gathering. >> a lot of these programs were put in place before i came in. i had some skepticism. i think there's -- we should have a healthy skepticism about what government is doing. we don't have a domestic spying program. what we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or an e-mail address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat. none of the revelations shows the government abused these powers. now, you know, part of it is he's not accustomed to -- >> president obama also addressed washington's relationship with moscow saying he believes the two countries with work together even though russia slips into what he calls a cold war mentality. meanwhile, deadline reports the president attended a private dinner with some supporters in hollywood after "the tonight show" appearance. the he vept was not on the white house schedule. >>> sources now tell nbc news that the head of al qaeda ordered the group's terror leader in yemen to carry out an attack that would change the balance of power in the
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)